New book explores music of Meshell Ndegeocello

Elliptical_smallMeshell Ndegeocello is one of the most fascinating and creative figures in contemporary music. She’s an artist who defies labels and music genres, continually inspiring many with her profound vision. Meshell is a rare breed in the music industry. She has survived and weathered the ups and downs of the business by evolving musically, even against fans’ expectations. But, even more, she has also evolved spiritually. She’s like an older sister or close relative who you watch growing up right before your very eyes, from crazy and wild to mature and content within herself.

The first book that really explores the greatness of her music has just been released. I co-authored the book with Andre Akinyele. We approach the music in a unique way through two complementary angles, combining personal reflections on how she has influenced and inspired us while taking the reader inside her music to explain why it is so powerful and successful. From her first critically acclaimed release, Plantation Lullabies, to her recent album, Comet, Come to Me, the book offers a fan’s perspective on how her ever-evolving music has been the soundtrack to our lives and continues to resonate.

A limited edition autographed by the authors is available while supplies last at Amazon. After March 31, the book will be available in both print and e-book from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iTunes, and other major retailers.

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