“13 Witches” celebrates the divine power of female energy

13 Witches album coverMysterious, magical, healing, seductive, dangerous, sacred, strange, wonderful… My new album 13 Witches portrays various characteristics of famous witches from history and legend.

Goddesses and sorceresses from the ancient world provide a grounding for some tracks. “Isis” conjures the ritualistic feel of ancient Egypt. “Circe” gives us the laid-back vibe of the island enchantress from The Odyssey. The meditative sounds of “Hecate” evoke the stillness of night, befitting the Greek goddess who presided over magic and the moon. Continue reading →

Christmas Moods for Piano reinvents holiday classics

Christmas Moods for Piano album coverThe recent release of Christmas Moods for Piano marks my second effort to reinvent cherished carols. Reminiscent of Vince Guaraldi, Tori Amos, and George Winston, these distinctive arrangements provide the perfect backdrop for the holidays. The collection includes favorite tunes such as “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” “Carol of the Bells,” and “Joy to the World.” I arranged a sprightly medley of “Jingle Bells” with “We Three Kings.” I also wrote two original tunes, for a total of 12 tracks. Continue reading →

Futuristic LoveStar celebrates love over irresistible beats

LoveStar album coverFrom a star system dedicated to love come the nine dance mixes of LoveStar. Futuristic psychedelia meets industrial robot raves in this follow-up to my electronic dance album “Future World.” Alien beings, robots, and passionate lovers join forces to celebrate love over irresistible beats. Including both re-worked material from my previous albums and freshly minted tracks, these dance tracks shake up the galaxy. The album was officially launched today (August 4). Continue reading →

Spring finds the perfect complement in new album “Butter Avenue”

Butter Avenue album coverThe impending arrival of spring and life in a new city have inspired me to create an album of piano music. Butter Avenue contains 12 tracks with titles that reflect places in Toronto and imagery associated with spring. It’s the ideal follow-up to my earlier solo piano album, Winter Moods. The style is a rich blend of jazz, impressionism, and neo-modern piano. Reflecting both urban and pastoral scenes, the music evokes spring’s vibrant tapestry of color. Continue reading →