The Changeling: a lost opportunity for horror

The Changeling movie posterThe 1980 horror film The Changeling represents the best and the worst of horror movies. Directed by Peter Medak and conceived by Russell Hunter (purportedly based on his own experience), it stars George C. Scott and Trish Van Devere. Composer John Russell relocates to Seattle after the death of his family and rents an old mansion. Beset by strange occurrences in the house, he becomes obsessed with the mystery behind the haunting and uncovers the hidden past of a powerful senator. It’s a compelling premise, but falls apart toward the end—the bane of many a horror story. I watched the film for the first time recently, having heard good things about it. I can easily see what makes it a good supernatural story: the gradual presence of the spirit, the spooky seance, the enigma that keeps us guessing what the title means in terms of the plot. But why does it end up so disappointing? Continue reading →

Horror stories involving music

Horror fiction does not often feature music as a plot element. True, the two are not a natural or obvious pair. But considering the omnipresence of music in our lives, this represents untapped potential. That may be about to change with a spate of works published since 2016. For those of us who enjoy our horror and music together, I’ve compiled the list below, which I will periodically update. Whether music is the backdrop (The Shatter Point), the key to the story (Violin), or an element that adds mystery (The Willows) varies according to the work. I welcome your feedback. Continue reading →

Rue Morgue offers cornucopia for horror fans

Rue Morgue coffin boxThe award-winning magazine Rue Morgue offers horror fans an all-encompassing experience of the world of horror. Launched in 1997 and published bi-monthly, the magazine represents the most prominent arm of a brand dedicated to horror. Rue Morgue also hosts events and produces films. If you know my background, you know that I’ve shifted my creative focus from music to writing. That includes taking a greater interest in one of passions, horror—especially since publishing my first horror novel, The Shatter Point. What intrigued me about Rue Morgue when I recently discovered it was its broad embrace of all things horror. Not just films or books, but an entire range of cultural offerings. Continue reading →