“13 Witches” celebrates the divine power of female energy

13 Witches album coverMysterious, magical, healing, seductive, dangerous, sacred, strange, wonderful… My new album 13 Witches portrays various characteristics of famous witches from history and legend.

Goddesses and sorceresses from the ancient world provide a grounding for some tracks. “Isis” conjures the ritualistic feel of ancient Egypt. “Circe” gives us the laid-back vibe of the island enchantress from The Odyssey. The meditative sounds of “Hecate” evoke the stillness of night, befitting the Greek goddess who presided over magic and the moon. Continue reading →

The problem with Netflix’s Archive 81

Dan restores videotapes in Archive 81
Archive 81 is a mess.

I really wanted to like the series. I delight in a horror story in which music plays a role. It has a wonderful and diverse cast. But there are so many problems with the story, both large and small. The plot follows Dan, who restores archival footage and is hired to repair videotapes from a mysterious fire that destroyed the Visser apartment building in 1994. We watch him watching the parallel story of Melody, who moved into the Visser with her camcorder as part of a documentary project and disappeared in the fire, leaving behind the damaged tapes. Melody discovers that her strange neighbors are part of a cult involving human sacrifice. As her situation grows perilous, strange incidents begin plaguing Dan as well. Let’s take a look at how this narrative fails so miserably. Continue reading →

Exploring the intersection of horror fiction and music

Old piano--horror fiction and musicIn recent years, authors have unleashed a flood of fiction that blends music and horror. I’ve been unable to find a reason to explain it, but given my interests, I’m grateful for it. There have always been such stories, of course–just not quite so many. I’ve written about this intersection in several guest posts for horror review sites. Each article attempts to explore the topic from a different angle. Below you’ll find info about each of these posts. Continue reading →