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signature music clefMusic is all around us. Sometimes in surprising ways. I believe it is an essential part of life, and that’s what this site is dedicated to exploring. Here you’ll find reviews, unusual discoveries, and posts related to technology, art, movies, nature, and more. For example, you can read in the “Instruments” category about the piano of the future or instruments called pyrophones that use fire. Or you can read about Prince and the opening of Paisley Park. You can vote for the worst love song of all time. Or you can check out the ten best Christmas holiday songs.

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About Me and My Music

I’m passionate about music because I’m a musician. I have released over a dozen albums in a variety of styles ranging from EDM to jazz to world beat to alternative, and performed for five years with the jazz/funk fusion band Gemini Soul. I have a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of California at Irvine. You can find more info about me at obergh.net. I’ve also written five books:

  • Ghost hunting is a drag. My horror novel Shockadelica (https://www.goodreads.com) weaves legends from Ireland, Nigeria and China in a tale of two horror podcasters who investigate their haunted apartment building and uncover something far more sinister.
  • Everyone has a breaking point. My horror novel The Shatter Point (https://shatterpointhorror.com) tells the story of a musician in a band whose girlfriend pressures him to prove himself through the rigors of an extreme haunt, while the haunt’s owners are locked in an escalating feud with a neighbor. A psychological tale of terror with twists and turns.
  • The e-book Song of Fire (Smashwords, iTunes) links real-life stories with songs (the songs are downloadable as part of the book). You can read excerpts from the book under the site menu tab “Song of Fire Stories.”
  • My second e-book, A Book of Hauntings, also links stories with songs, and is available for free from iTunes.
  • I co-authored with Andre Akinyele Elliptical: The Music of Meshell Ndegeocello (Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble nook, Barnes & Noble paperback), which explores the music of this talented artist.

The written content of my postings are copyright protected, but I welcome quotations if you credit me and this website as the source. Most of the photographs are in the public domain, unless otherwise noted. Proprietary images that may not be copied include the Song of Fire website image in the upper left corner and the signature clef that appears on this page.