“13 Witches” celebrates the divine power of female energy

13 Witches album coverMysterious, magical, healing, seductive, dangerous, sacred, strange, wonderful… My new album 13 Witches portrays various characteristics of famous witches from history and legend.

Goddesses and sorceresses from the ancient world provide a grounding for some tracks. “Isis” conjures the ritualistic feel of ancient Egypt. “Circe” gives us the laid-back vibe of the island enchantress from The Odyssey. The meditative sounds of “Hecate” evoke the stillness of night, befitting the Greek goddess who presided over magic and the moon. Continue reading →

Horror Toronto: New One-Stop Source for All Things Horror

Horror Toronto logoAs the bewitching season of Halloween approaches, Toronto has a new online resource for all things horror, supernatural, and dark fantasy. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, Horror Toronto catalogs the city’s wealth of offerings from festivals to shopping to performers like the Diet Ghosts. Toronto has become a hidden gem for horror fans. One of the most iconic horror magazines, Rue Morgue, has its headquarters here. And Casa Loma’s annual Legends of Horror is perhaps the premier haunted attraction in North America. All of this activity needed a bigger profile, compiled in one place for easy access. And that’s why I created this one-stop source. Continue reading →

Rue Morgue offers cornucopia for horror fans

Rue Morgue coffin boxThe award-winning magazine Rue Morgue offers horror fans an all-encompassing experience of the world of horror. Launched in 1997 and published bi-monthly, the magazine represents the most prominent arm of a brand dedicated to horror. Rue Morgue also hosts events and produces films. If you know my background, you know that I’ve shifted my creative focus from music to writing. That includes taking a greater interest in one of passions, horror—especially since publishing my first horror novel, The Shatter Point. What intrigued me about Rue Morgue when I recently discovered it was its broad embrace of all things horror. Not just films or books, but an entire range of cultural offerings. Continue reading →