The world’s first piano that plays scented music

OlfactianoIt’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s the olfactiano: the world’s first piano that plays scented music. Designed by Belgian olfactory artist Peter de Cupere, the olfactiano works like a combination piano and organ, blowing scents into the air depending on which of the instrument’s 27 keys the pianist plays. The keyboard is divided into three layers corresponding to the “notes” in a perfume: bass, middle, and top. For every “scent concert,” the performer must create a digital score based on a timeline. The scent intensity can be changed according to the room, ventilation, and size of audience. The fragrances are replaceable by other fragrances according to the desire of the performer. Continue reading →

The music of angels and bees

Leon Dewan and nephew Brian Dewan are makers of instruments they call Dewanatrons — solid state analog synthesizers possessing unpredictable playing tendencies and behaviors. With backgrounds as furniture designers as well as musicians, the pair have created instruments that are equally at home in art gallery exhibits and in live performances. Trent Reznor used the Swarmatron (only 9 of which have been sold so far) in music he composed for the soundtrack of “The Social Network.” Below are descriptions of the instruments from the website. Continue reading →

The frozen music of ice

After having spent my life in California, I’ve been living on the East Coast for the past year and a half. This week, walking home from work, the cold rain turned icy, producing small ice pellets that melted into wet globules on the pavement. Suddenly I was aware of an unusual sound I had never heard before. Not the gentle splashing of droplets of rain. And not the clamorous pelting of hail. No, this was a high-pitched hiss, glassy and cold, almost otherworldly. So what other kinds of frozen music does ice make? Continue reading →