The making of “The Nefertiti Xperience”

This 10-minute video shows how Gemini Soul recorded “The Nefertiti Xperience” (CD scheduled for release Feb. 25, 2008). There is a nice example toward the end of CD using the song “Vertigo” in which you can hear the “before” and “after” versions: first, Andre plays his “mock up” version to give us his ideas for the song, then you hear the fully realized recorded version that we improvised. Continue reading →

Making music on the wild Sonoma coast

Sonoma coastGemini Soul just returned from three days at Sea Ranch, where we recorded a new CD to be titled “The Nefertiti Xperience.” Instead of going to a recording studio, we decided to rent a house in the quietude of Northern California’s wild and scenic Sonoma coast. Rain greeted us, the first in a parade of winter storms sweeping in from the north. We set up our instruments in the second-floor living room, where two large windows looked out over the Pacific. Deer cavorted in the meadow beside the house. Continue reading →

Is live music dying?

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We spent months preparing for the Gemini Soul tour, booking performances in Phoenix, Hollywood, Fresno, Santa Cruz and Orange County. We covered it all: a publicist, advertising, free ticket give-aways, flyers, posters, concert listings, postcards. We tried holding a charity benefit. We tried having an opening band. We tried free promotional concerts at colleges. We tried passing out free admission cards on the street. And still only a scattering of people came to each show. Continue reading →