In this anthology, one ghost story features a musical twist

Anthology Ghosts, Spirits and SpectersI’m especially interested in the intersection of music and horror literature. In the anthology Ghosts, Spirits and Specters Vol. 1, my short story “Collector of Ghosts” explores this connection. After Yumiko discovers a strange board game in an antique shop, she gathers four friends to play it, with frightening results. She devises a possible solution to their dilemma based on her experience playing violin in the college orchestra. But will it work? What happens next will test their bonds of friendship. Continue reading →

David Crosby delivers four musical gems

David CrosbyThe last four albums released by David Crosby have been real gems. What impresses most about these albums are the gorgeous arrangements and the sensitive songwriting. No mass market banality here. Crosby has always shined when working with other writers, as he did famously with Crosby, Stills & Nash (and then with the addition of Neil Young). These moody works sound perfect for late night with the lights dim, or on a rainy afternoon (much like the moment I’m writing this post). Continue reading →