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Casa Valdez Studios
David Valdez’ Jazz forum- Jazz resources, musician features, Jazz harmony and improvisation lessons, streaming Jazz videos, Jazz links, Jazz interviews, Jazz saxophone articles, Bebop masters, esoteric music philosophy, and David Valdez’ upcoming gigs.

PD Sounds
With recording devices and microphones, pdsounds volunteers acoustically discover the beauty of the world. From the million sounds of things to the pure waves of sinus. Their goal is to record it all and make it available for free.

Smithsonian Global Sound
An international network of music audio archives and an educational resource that delivers the world’s diverse cultural expressions in an informative way via digital media. Download and learn about traditional music from all around the world.


Congas, Djembes, drumming techniques, drum circles, drums for purchase

The Guitar Resource
Free online resource dedicated to making you a better guitar player. Learn new guitar techniques that range from basic to advanced. See amazing guitar videos. Read interesting guitar articles.

Oddmusic is home to unique, odd, ethnic, experimental and unusual musical instruments and resources. Look, listen, and explore music and musical instruments that aren’t part of the mainstream. Showcasing unusual musical creations and sounds of unique artists and artisans from around the globe.


CD Baby
By far the best and most thorough website for distributing the music of independent artists worldwide. CD Baby not only handles distribution to all of the key online retailers (like iTunes and Amazon) and streaming services (like Spotify and Rhapsody), but can handle YouTube monetization, royalty collection, and other emerging income streams. CD Baby does all of this while only taking a relatively small, fair proportion of distribution, because they honestly believe in independent musicians.

Free Muse
An independent international organization which advocates freedom of expression for musicians and composers worldwide.

NINJAM is a cross-platform program to allow people to make real music together via the Internet. Every participant can hear every other participant. Each user can also tweak their personal mix to his or her liking.

Reverb Nation
With a powerful suite of tools, this website for musicians and their fans provides an ideal vehicle for promoting your music and building a fan base, or for finding new music by independent artists.

For additional online resources, see the list on About Music and This Site.

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