Exploring the intersection of horror fiction and music

Old piano--horror fiction and musicIn recent years, authors have unleashed a flood of fiction that blends music and horror. I’ve been unable to find a reason to explain it, but given my interests, I’m grateful for it. There have always been such stories, of course–just not quite so many. I’ve written about this intersection in several guest posts for horror review sites. Each article attempts to explore the topic from a different angle. Below you’ll find info about each of these posts.

Horror Stories and Music — Five Themes to Enchant Your Inner Demon

For Books Sake, November 6, 2021
In college I struggled with competing interests between writing and music. Which one would I choose? It took a while before I figured out I could combine the two. Recently, my preoccupation with both pursuits has led me to notice a flood of fiction that blends music and horror. And here’s something else I’ve noticed. Five main themes typically animate these tales: 1) Music conjures something supernatural that is often malevolent; 2) The music itself creates terror and wreaks havoc; 3) A musician makes a pact with the devil; 4) Music is a background presence in the plot but not key; 5) And more rarely, music offers a solution to counteract the horror. Let’s take a look at some examples. Read more…

Music Takes a Front Seat in Horror Fiction

Sci-Fi & Scary, June 24, 2021
If you haven’t noticed, music has invaded horror fiction. In most of these stories, music–or musicians–establishes a backdrop for the plot. I enjoy such stories, of course. But those that particularly interest me feature music in a key role. In other words, music not only advances the plot but defines what occurs. The story would be unimaginable without its presence. Let me share some of these with you. Read more…

A Satisfying Invasion of Music in Horror Fiction

Horror Oasis, May 31, 2021
Authors have unleashed an invasion of music-related horror stories in recent years. The results have been satisfyingly diverse, representing characters from a variety of backgrounds and music from all kinds of genres. This article explores the diverse voices creating these stories. Let me share some examples. Read more…

A Monster Wave of Music in Horror Fiction

The Tattooed Book Geek, May 21, 2019
Are there different ways that authors use music as a plot element? Apparently the answer is yes. Authors seem to favor one of three basic approaches: music as background, music as key, and music as atmosphere. As with any categories, the boundaries are fluid and good arguments can be made for placing a particular story in different categories. But let me lay them out for you, as I see them. Read more…

Music and Horror Fiction: Appreciating the Perfect Marriage from Hell

Red Lace Reviews, October 3, 2018
As a musician and author, I’m especially interested in the intersection of music and fiction. There have been some good efforts in the past to marry the two—-just not enough of them. This article explores some examples from history, past and present. Read more…

For a list of all books, check out Horror Stories Involving Music.

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