Shake up your sexy with Lovesexy Cocktail Guide

Lovesexy Cocktail GuideI love the idea of a cocktail inspired by a Prince song. Lovesexy CockTail Guide contains 138 recipes celebrating the songs of Prince. Not only does the guide feature luscious drinks, but each beverage is paired with gorgeous digital art representing Prince, along with brief commentary on the corresponding song. You’ll find obvious faves (Purple Rain, Raspberry Beret) but also lesser known gems (Beautiful Strange, White Mansion). The guide’s convenient alphabetical arrangement makes it easy to locate a song.

Curated by musician and author Andre Akinyele, the songs span Prince’s entire career, showing the author’s deep familiarity with Prince’s oeuvre. In the guide’s intro, Akinyele says,

These drinks are meant to celebrate Prince through inspired song, good times, and good friends who also love Prince and his music. You will make memorable drinks for your Prince inspired parties and a perfect excuse to put on his music and get los in “spirits,” song, and dance.

The recipes rely on alcohol and non-alcoholic ingredients easily found on hand, rather than obscure items difficult to come by. Insatiable, for example, calls for gin, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, and Angostura bitters.

You can find the guide at most online booksellers such as Amazon. Bound in hardcover with glossy pages, it makes a lovely coffee table book or holiday gift. Not to mention the perfect compliment for your next party.

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