Prince Toronto home still reflects his personality

Entertainment Room at Prince's former Toronto homeThe home Prince once owned in Toronto still bears the imprint of his personality. This partly reflects Prince’s decorating tastes, but undoubtedly the house attracted him in the first place because of its design. Thematically suffused with circles and curves, the building gives the impression that Prince had the house built specifically for him. But, in fact, the house was built long before Prince even dreamed of owning property in Toronto. Half-moon bay windows jut out from the facade. A circular transom window perches above the entry door, where the ceiling arches over a rose compass that decorates the marble floor. A staircase spirals down to the lower level. Curved walls grace the master bedroom, entered through an arched doorway. A musical flow permeates the structure, like notes cascading down a waterfall.

Decor Retains Prince’s Influence

Prince bought the six-bedroom, 14,280-square-foot property in 2001 for $5.5 million when he was with his Canadian wife, Manuela Testolini. It passed to her when they divorced in 2007, and sold four years later, in 2011, for $8.3 million. The current owners do not occupy the property—I’m thinking they bought it as an investment given its associations with Prince—but have rented it out on occasion. Alternately on and off the market, it listed most recently at $16.9 million. For the moment, the decor retains Prince’s influence. Purple shag carpet in the downstairs entertainment room. The Prince symbol etched in the glass door of the dining room. Furnishings and artwork reminiscent of the swiggly, colorful style that abounds at Paisley Park…

Neighbors in the exclusive Bridle Path area where the property sits include Drake, Celine Dion, and Gordon Lightfoot. This small neighborhood encompasses the most expensive homes in all of Canada. A friend and I made a wrong turn one day driving to the nearby Toronto Botanical Gardens and passed right by 61 The Bridle Path without realizing Prince had once lived there. The sun with squiggly rays that decorated the gate should have given it away. The lavish property includes a pool, cabana, tennis courts, barber shop, weight room, and sauna.

Yes, you can still feel Prince’s presence in this house, like he never left.

Slideshow: Prince Toronto Home

The slideshow below offers images from various rooms in the house.

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