Horror Toronto: New One-Stop Source for All Things Horror

Horror Toronto logoAs the bewitching season of Halloween approaches, Toronto has a new online resource for all things horror, supernatural, and dark fantasy. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, Horror Toronto catalogs the city’s wealth of offerings from festivals to shopping to performers like the Diet Ghosts. Toronto has become a hidden gem for horror fans. One of the most iconic horror magazines, Rue Morgue, has its headquarters here. And Casa Loma’s annual Legends of Horror is perhaps the premier haunted attraction in North America. All of this activity needed a bigger profile, compiled in one place for easy access. And that’s why I created this one-stop source.

Enjoying Toronto’s Spooky Side at Halloween and All Year Long

The site will help you find out where you can dine in a haunted house, or where you can buy an ethically-sourced human skull. You’ll learn about the memento mori roomette, or where to take the kids for a “Myths, Monsters, and Magic” treasure hunt. You can access maps detailing where horror movies were filmed in Toronto, or learn about the scariest escape rooms. Everyone knows about the world-renown Toronto International Film Festival, but not necessarily about the four horror film festivals held throughout the year.

The website is a helpful resource for anyone interested in guided ghost walks and places to visit with haunted reputations, like the old Don Jail. But I’ve also designed a free, downloadable map and self-guided tour of thirteen haunted locations in the city centre—for folks who don’t like group tours.

I assembled all of this information so locals as well as visitors can enjoy the city’s spooky side not only around Halloween but all year long. So whether you’re looking for the best haunted attractions or in the mood for Harry Potter-esque cocktails, it’s all here. You can find Horror Toronto at shatterpointhorror.com/horror-toronto-one-stop-source/.

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