The complete list of witch songs – with the top 13

Witch songs imageThis is a list of witch songs. That is, songs about witches. You’ll find these songs in just about every genre from jazz to rock to soul to Broadway to rap, decade after decade, proving the enduring power of the imagery. Especially as a metaphor for the enchantment of love. Often the lure is tinged with danger. Or at least mystery. I’ve selected thirteen of the best, most enchanting tunes for the first part of the list. In the second part you’ll find a compilation of additional songs. While many more songs reference witches in passing (like “Sister Janet” by Tori Amos), this list focuses on witches as the main subject of the song. And for the most part, these are the original recordings, not covers.

The player below features snippets of each song. You can listen to the full tracks on my Spotify playlist Songs About Witches.

Top 13 Witch Songs

In this list you’ll find classics, the expected, as well as the unexpected. I’ve picked my favorites to represent a range of styles.

1. Rhiannon (1975 — soft rock) — Fleetwood Mac, written by Stevie Nicks

Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night
And wouldn’t you love to love her?

2. Witch Queen of New Orleans (1971 — rock) — Redbone, inspired by legend of Marie Laveau

Marie, Marie La Voodoo veau
She’s the witch-queen oh
Of New Orleans.

3. Witchcraft (1957 — jazz standard) — Frank Sinatra, written by Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh

‘Cause it’s witchcraft
Wicked witchcraft
And although, I know, it’s strictly taboo.

4. Witchy Woman (1972 – rock) – The Eagles, written by Don Henley and Bernie Leadon

Woo hoo, witchy woman
See how high she flies
Woo hoo, witchy woman
She got the moon in her eye.

5. The White Witch of Rose Hall (1969 – pyschedelica) – Coven, written by Jim Donlinger, based on a Jamaican legend

The white witch of Rose Hall
The devil she could call.

6. Burn the Witch (2016 — alternative) — written and performed by Radiohead

Burn the witch
Burn the witch
We know where you live.

7. Wicked Old Witch (2004 — blues rock) — written and performed by John Fogerty

Flyin’ ‘cross the moon on a big ol’ stick
Everybody ‘fraid
of the wicked old witch.

8. Black Magic Woman / Gypsy (1970 — blues rock) — Santana; “Black Magic Woman” written by Peter Green (1968), first recorded by Fleetwood Mac; “Gypsy” written by Gábor Szabó (1966)

I’ve got a black magic woman
Got me so blind I can’t see
That she’s a black magic woman
She’s trying to make a devil out of me.

9. Witch (2009 — retro 60s swinging pop) — The Bird and the Bee, written by Greg Kurstin and Inara George

Yes, I am a carnival
A house of mirrors
And I will con you
And all my tricks and all my magic
Will keep you dizzy
With desire.

10. Strange Brew (1967 — rock) — Cream, written by Eric Clapton, Felix Pappalardi, and Gail Collins

She’s a witch of trouble in electric blue,
In her own mad mind she’s in love with you.

11. Black Magic (2008 — grunge) — Magic Wands

White light my time has come
All night out on the run from black magic
Black magic
Black magic.

12. Wrong Bitch (2016 — rap) — Todrick Hall

Now if you think that this witch won’t expose
The fact that Five-0’s droppin’ houses on hoes
Bitch, you got the wrong bitch.

13. Marie Laveau (2013 — smooth jazz) — Tao of Sound

Standing on the lakeside
The smell of incense in midsummer air.

Additional Songs about Witches


Bewitched (1964) — Steve Lawrence, written by Jack Keller as theme for the TV sitcom
Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead (1961) — Ella Fitzgerald, from The Wizard of Oz
That Old Black Magic (1942) — Ella Fitzgerald
Witch Fire (1960) — Booker Little and Booker Ervin (instrumental)
X Marks the Spot (Marie Laveau) (2002) — Joe Sample (instrumental)

Rock & Roll

Big Black Witchcraft Rock (2003) — The Cramps
I’m Your Witchdoctor (1965) — The Yardbirds (written by John Mayall)
Witch, The (1965) — The Sonics

Blues / Blues Rock

Even Witches Like to Go Out Dancing (2010) — Graveyard Train [not available in playlist]
I Put a Spell on You (1956) — Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Marie Laveau (year?) — Dr. John
She’s My Witch (1958) — Kip Tyler

R&B / Soul

Mobile Lil the Dancing Witch (1965) — Martha and the Vandellas
Witch Craft in the Air (1962) — Betty LaVette


Alison Gross (1973) — Steeleye Span
Black Magic (2015) — Little Mix
Curse of the Witches (1968) — Strawberry Alarm Clock
Defying Gravity (2003) — Idina Menzel, from the musical Wicked
I Did Something Bad (2017) — Taylor Swift
Season of the Witch (1966) — Donovan
Wild Witch Lady (1973) — Donovan [not available in playlist]
Witch in the Ditch (1988) — Erasure
Witches’ Song (1979) — Marianne Faithful

New Wave

Spellbound (1981) — Siouxsie and the Banshees
Wicked Witch, The (2005) — Lene Lovich
Witch in the Club (2005) – Quintron and Miss Pussycat
Witch Is Witch (1996) — Gloo Girls [not available in playlist]


Cut-Out Witch (1996) — Guided by Voices
Nearly Witches (2011) — Panic! at the Disco
Sad Witch, The (1998) – Hefner
Teenage Witch (2001) — Eels
Which Witch (2015) — Florence and the Machine
Wich is Wich (2011) — Jonny
Witch (1993) — Belly [not available in playlist]
Witch’s Wand (2008) – Sloan
Witches (2011) — Low
Witches (1997) — Switchblade Symphony
Witch’s Song (1973) — Gong
Wonderful Witches and Language Meanies (2007) – Thurston Moore


Crimson Witch (1969) — The Moving Sidewalks
Devil Woman (1976) — Cliff Richard
Magic Man (1976) — Heart
My Girlfriend Is a Witch (1968) — October Country
Shockadelica (1986) — Prince
Trick of the Witch (1986) — Poly Styrene [not available in playlist]
Voodoo (1994) — Godsmack
Voodoo Child (1968) — Jimi Hendrix
Wicked Annabella (1968) — The Kinks
Wicked Old Witch (2018) — Marky Monday
Wild Woman (2017) — Sleep Machine
Witch, The (1970) — The Rattles
Witch, The (2008) – Clinic
Witch Hunt (1981) — Rush
Witch Wolf (1974) — Styx
You Must Be a Witch (1968) — The Weeds
You Must Be a Witch (2004) – Dead Moon


Voodoo People (1997) — The Prodigy
Witch (2011) — Notic Nastic


Beloved Enchantress (2005) — The Moon and the Nightspirit
Wicked Witch (2005) — Demons and Wizards
Witch, The (1972) – Mark Fry
Witch’s Promise (1970) — Jethro Tull
Witches (1990) — Cowboy Junkies
Witches Song, The (1969) — Matt McGinn


Ballad of Annie Palmer, The (1973) — Johnny Cash
J.B. Witchdance (1992) – Masters of Reality
Marie Laveau (1974) — Bobby Bare

Children’s Music

Mad Madam Mim (1963) — from the Disney cartoon movie The Sword in the Stone [not available in playlist]


Witch, The (2004) — Insane Clown Posse


Witch Hunt (1999) — Misfits

Rock with an Edge (Metal, Thrash, etc.)

American Witch (2006) — Rob Zombie
Angel Witch (1980) — Angel Witch
Bell Witch, The (1993) — Mercyful Fate
Bitch Witch (1981) — Venom
Black Magic (1983) — Slayer
Blood Witch (2006) — Melvins
Burn the Witch (2009) — Queens of the Stone Age
Don’t Burn the Witch (1982) — Venom
Isobel Goudie (2008) — The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Marie Laveau (2016) — Volbeat
Moonchild (1988) — Iron Maiden
Mr. Crowley (1980) — Ozzy Osbourne
Naked Witch (2002) — Danzig [not available in playlist]
19 Witches (1998) — Monster Magnet
Virgin Witch (2010) — Rob Zombie
White Witch (1980) — Angel Witch
Witch, The (1992) — The Cult
Witch Hunt (2007) — Kittie [not available in playlist]
Witchcraft (2010) — Pendulum
Witches (2005) — Candlemass
Witches (year?) — Secret Life
Witchtripper (2012) — Down
Yes, I’m a Witch (2007) — Yoko Ono


Witch (1977) — Goblin (for the movie Suspiria)


Drowning Witch (1982) — Frank Zappa
Logan Rock Witch (1996) — Aphex Twin
Waking the Witch (1985) — Kate Bush

Noise Rock

There’s Always Room on the Broom (2004) — Liars

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