Rue Morgue offers cornucopia for horror fans

Rue Morgue coffin boxThe award-winning magazine Rue Morgue offers horror fans an all-encompassing experience of the world of horror. Launched in 1997 and published bi-monthly, the magazine represents the most prominent arm of a brand dedicated to horror. Rue Morgue also hosts events and produces films. If you know my background, you know that I’ve shifted my creative focus from music to writing. That includes taking a greater interest in one of passions, horror—especially since publishing my first horror novel, The Shatter Point. What intrigued me about Rue Morgue when I recently discovered it was its broad embrace of all things horror. Not just films or books, but an entire range of cultural offerings.

Film and television lead the magazine’s emphasis, which makes sense, being the most influential and widely experienced medium in culture today. Here you’ll find interviews, reviews, and general commentary. All fairly typical of similar publications and sites. But a section on “Needful Things” highlights collectibles and consumer items, like an Elvira mouse pad and a Jack the Ripper lavatory mist. “The Ninth Circle” (named after Dante’s lowest ring of hell) features book reviews and commentary on literature. Another section highlights graphic comics. “The Fright Gallery” highlights the work of an artist, such as the horror movie posters designed by Christopher Shy. “The Homicidal Homemaker,” by Kaci Hansen in one of the magazine’s most unusual sections, features horror-themed recipes. There’s even a section that reviews video games.

Rue Morgue Music Reviews

That brings us to music. I especially appreciate that Rue Morgue finds space to review albums in a range of genres including soundtrack, spoken word, electronic, rap, metal, and rock. Reviewers use a rating scale of up to five skull-and-crossbones, with a sixth category reserved for the unmentionable DOA (Dead on Arrival). Alongside these reviews, the magazine also spotlights a podcast.

I subscribed for the “coffin box” horror pack. Along with the magazine, I am delivered a package with extra goodies, such as a T-shirt, collectibles, and DVD. The magazine is well worth the subscription price. But now every two months is like Halloween/Christmas.

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