Your ultimate Halloween haunt playlist

Image for Dark Soundscape of Fear playlistYesterday I shared my playlist for Halloween parties. Today’s playlist is geared toward a Halloween haunt. This “Dark Soundscape of Fear” playlist features dark, ambient tracks interspersed with subtly creepy rhythms and strange sounds. A surprising amount of dark, ambient music exists, much of it rather effective. But to save you the trouble of wading through so much music, I created this playlist for Halloween haunts or wherever there is a need for a spooky atmosphere.

The playlist currently runs 3 hours. Tracks by Cameron McBride, Sephiroth, Desiderii Martinis, Charlie Clouser, Kammarheit, and others create an uneasy mood. I avoided music that was too over the top, too symphonic, or too rhythm-driven, as well as anything with vocals. Thus there is no death metal or witchcore EDM. You won’t hear maniacal laughs or cliché moans, but you might hear some unearthly grunts.

Dark Soundscape of Fear Playlist for Your Halloween Haunt

You can access the playlist through this URL:

I hope this helps you create the right atmosphere for your Halloween haunt. I will update the playlist as needed, so feel free to suggest material to include.

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