Futuristic LoveStar celebrates love over irresistible beats

LoveStar album coverFrom a star system dedicated to love come the nine dance mixes of LoveStar. Futuristic psychedelia meets industrial robot raves in this follow-up to my electronic dance album “Future World.” Alien beings, robots, and passionate lovers join forces to celebrate love over irresistible beats. Including both re-worked material from my previous albums and freshly minted tracks, these dance tracks shake up the galaxy. The album was officially launched today (August 4).

With lyrics stripped down to barest essentials, each track brings out the essence of love’s euphoria. “You Are My Life (Retro Mix)” launches the trip with a classic vibe. “Love Love (LoveStar Mix)” is straight-on house, heavy with bass and drum. “Fornax A (Mission of Love Mix)” conjures a spaceship voyaging in deep space to spread the message of love. A seductive, mesmerizing vibe takes over on “Hypnoticon (Obsession Mix).” “Magellanic Cloud (Interstellar Mix)” offers a progressive house sound that builds gradually to its climax.

Unusual creatures—sounding perhaps like the cuddly tribbles from Star Trek—accompany the singer on “Virgo Cluster (Zodiac Sky Mix).” “Orbiting Aldebaran (Dance of Love Mix)” takes Middle Eastern beats into space. Sequencers dominate in the machinelike “Robots in Love (Circuit Overload Mix).” The album closes with the ambient sounds and alien mating calls of “Ceruvean Twilight (Alien Love Mix).”

I wanted to capture the energy and imagination of sci-fi, and electronic house music was the perfect vehicle. The music draws on multiple influences—progressive house, Kraftwerk, lounge, tribal house, pyschedelia, sci-fi. The blend of unusual voices and ear-catching effects suggests a world both familiar and strange.

LoveStar is available through online music retailers and streaming services, including:

For a taste of the music, check out this video for “You Are My Life (Retro Mix)”:

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