How to be successful marketing your music

Derek Sivers, the guy who created CD Baby (the web’s best, artist-friendly resource for supporting and promoting CDs by independent artists), has gone solo to establish a new on-line service to help musicians. Among the services he offers are “Success Stories,” where successful artists share helpful advice; a grassroots documentary-in-the-making that everyone can contribute to; a blog with helpful advice; and a free e-book titled “How to Call Attention to Your Music” that is available online or as a PDF document.

Here is a sampling of the chapter titles:

    Touch as many of their senses as you can
    How to describe your business
    The Most Expensive Vodka
    Blah, blah, blah… What not to say
    Be an extreme version of yourself

The blog posts include topics such as “Should you go digital-only, and skip the CD?” and “A musician’s advice about the college market.” Sivers is someone who really understands and cares about musicians. His website will hopefully grow into another excellent tool for independent artists.

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