Islamic extremists are at it again

Fresh on the heels of the teddy bear incident (see “Name a teddy bear Muhammad – go to jail),” Islamo-fascists were in the news again tonight (ABC 20/20). Prosecutors in Dubai, in their infinitely compassionate wisdom, determined that a teenage boy, after having been abducted and gang-raped at knifepoint, should face the death penalty because his attackers were male and homosexuality is illegal.

Say what?

Imagine you were robbed, and when you reported the crime to the police, they jailed you because robbery is against the law. And then sentenced you to the electric chair.

This is a new twist on the once prevalent attitude in the U.S. that a woman who dressed provocatively and was raped “had it coming.” But at least we didn’t execute her.

It’s not as if there wasn’t any evidence of the crime. The teenage boy called Dubai’s version of 911 on his cell phone, and when the abductors heard the police dispatcher, they threatened to kill the boy and ended the call. And his friend was also abducted, so there was a corroborating witness. Not that any of that should have mattered.

I am fed up with Islamo-fascist governments! The mother of the teenager — both of whom were advised by the French consulate to flee Dubai — has started a website: As she says on the home page,

I dedicate this website to all the children of the world whose wounds were never recognized, their words never heard and their suffering never known…To all the Pakistani, Filipino, and Indian mothers who were expelled from Dubai to their countries of origin with their little children, wounded in their hearts, flesh and minds. This web site is open to all the mothers of the world united in the same Combat.

The purpose of the boycott is to effect the following:

  • Reception facilities within the police force for minors victims of rape, be they boys or girls
  • Recognition of their status of victims
  • The immediate taking of precautionary measures, after a rape, against all types of infectious illness and sexually transmissible diseases (AIDS, Hepatitis, MST) with adequate means such as trithĂ©rapy, etc…
  • Psychological follow-up for as long as it is needed

A Dubai teenager posted this message on the website:

Alex, I heard about your story and all I have to say is Bravo, what you did was very brave, not many people would confess at once! But please come back to Dubai and appear in court! Do it for all those who couldnt! i was almost in a situation like yours when i was younger, but unlike you i kept it hidden from the world, please do it for me and all the others harmed, please. Again, wishing you the best in life, S.

Muslims in particular should speak out against these pseudo-Islamic governments in the name of Muhammad and the spirit of compassion that was once a hallmark of Islam.

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