Jon O'Bergh



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Solo Piano

Summer Nocturnes (2021)​
Autumn Harvest (2019)
Butter Avenue (2017)
Winter Moods (2015)

Mostly Piano

13 Witches (2022)
Song of Fire (2010)
Meditations from a Lost World (2002)

EDM / Dance

LoveStar (2017)
Future World (2016)
Snowman EP (2014)

World Fusion

Carta (2000)
Sacred Spaces (2001)
Millennial Landscapes (1998, re-released 2019)


Tales from the Underground Bazaar (2015)
Specters of Twilight Remixed (2009)
Specters of Twilight (2009)


Ghost Story (2017)


Christmas Moods for Piano (2017)
10 Shades of Christmas (2014)
Four Shades of Christmas EP (2014)

Space Age

Intergalactic Odyssey (2011)
Songs from Other Planets (2004)

Other Projects

Here are some of O'Bergh's collaborative albums and side projects

Inner Gods

Inner Gods

The electro-synth band Lavender Lush and songs from this album play a role in O'Bergh's novel The Shatter Point. Listen on Spotify.

Uptown: 2025 A.D.

Uptown: 2025 A.D.

This collaborative album with Marcel inspired O'Bergh's album Songs from Other Planets. Listen on Spotify.

Box of Bones

Box of Bones

The Bone Man and this debut album appear in O'Bergh's novel Shockadelica. Listen on Spotify.

Willona's Boutique

Willona's Boutique

The sixth album from cyberjazz band Gemini Soul, featuring O'Bergh on keyboards. Listen on Spotify.


13 WitchesSummer NocturnesAutumn HarvestGhost StoryLovestarButter AvenueFuture WorldWinter Moods
Tales from the Underground Bazaar Snowman EP Four Shades of Christmas 10 Shades of Christmas Skin Deep Song of Fire Intergalactic Odyssey Specters of Twilight Remixed
Songs from Other Planets Meditations from a Lost World Sacred Spaces Carta Millennial Landscapes Specters of Twilight Christmas Moods for Piano